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IIn over 50 years of business, Isolcell has designed and produced many experimental facilities for research institutes worldwide. We have fully tailored the systems to the specific needs by working directly with their users. We make all sizes of stainless steel and plastic containers, airtight tents and experiment cells, complete with the accessories needed to operate in controlled atmosphere implementing the most modern storage techniques. Isolcell also exclusively markets worldwide the innovative DCA-CF storage system (dynamically controlled atmosphere using HarvestWatch (r) fluorescence sensors) also for research institutes. Thanks to this system, research institutes can dramatically reduce the time required to identify optimal oxygen values to conserve different products and can achieve extreme atmospheres that can maximize the quality and storage life of the products and can control certain diseases without the use of chemicals. We also provide CO2 scrubbers based on activated carbon or chemical absorption, ethylene converters and scrubbers, nitrogen generators, O2, CO2 and ethylene analyzers designed and manufactured to operate on small containers and managed by a a computer program specifically developed for research. In order to provide a global product, Isolcell Italia produces indirect refrigeration systems that can flexibly management refrigeration in different cells.