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Electronic weight loss monitor

The SENTINEL is a computerized electronic volumetric meter, that measures condensate moisture and thaw water, and is installed on the drainage pipes of the evaporators of storage cells. This measurement is particularly suitable to control and possibly reduce the product weight loss by providing essential information that can be used to optimize the operation of the refrigerating system. The SENTINEL can redirect drainage water either within the cell (on the floor) or outside, according to the humidity requirements. The device can be installed on refrigeration systems that use air, electric, hot gas and or hot glycol defrosting, and is not suitable for defrost systems that use water.


– Monitoring of the weight loss of the product;
– Draining of condensation water inside (on the floor) or outside the room according to the hygrometriec requirements;
– Daily/monthly/seasonal report on the condensed water released by the produce onto the evaporator;
– lndirect control on the functioning of the refrigeration pack (AT).