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Re-engineering an established technology

This new line of nitrogen generators is at the forefront of the market of machines using Pressure Swing Adsorbtion technology. The formula for this success comes from experience gained in 50 years of technological development and production of machinery for the treatment and modifi cation of gaseous mixtures. Only extremely high quality materials and components are used. Planning during development is scrupulous, as is strict quality control. Our nitrogen generators that use PSA technology are particularly suited for applications which require high purity nitrogen at high pressure, with low energy consumption.


Our generators produce a constant and controlled stream of excellent quality nitrogen at all times through the use of first class molecular sieves, along with a sophisticated electronic monitoring and control system.


We have carried out thousands of installations in many different situations and have gained vast experience in the research, design and production of machines and systems for treating gas mixtures. This, together with the stringent testing of each new machine has allowed us to achieve excellence by developing new technical solutions and by refining the selection of components used. The high quality machines which result, perform with exceptional durability and reliability.


Components requiring low energy inputs are chosen. New designs, developed using CAD programmes and fluid dynamic simulation, have brought further improvement to the energy-to-nitrogen production ratio. The lower cost of nitrogen production places this new line of PSA generators at the forefront of the category.


Construction criteria of modularity and expandability have been adopted to allow for fast and cost-effective expansion of the capacity of these machines on the customer’s site. These criteria safeguard the long-term value of the investment, allowing the expansion of each machine according to individual requirements.


Each machine can be individually confi gured to the customer’s requirements, changing pressure and purity without the need for specific construction variations. In addition to the very large range of models in the catalogue we can design and produce PSA systems to satisfy even the most diffi cult particular requests.


The overall design and internal ergonomics have been thoroughly considered. A clear and modular structure, with components grouped according to function and with direct accessibility of all parts, simplifi es maintenance.


1 Compressor
2 Centrifugal condensate separator
3 Compressed air tank
4 Capacitive electronic discharger
5 Universal 5 μ filter
6 Air dryer
7 Fine filter 1 μ F
8 Superfine filter 0.01 S
9 Activated carbon filter C
10 PSA NL N2 generator
11 Replenishment tank
12 N2 buffer tank
13 Dust filter

Psa Isolcell timthumb