The MULTIPLEX is a latest-generation CO2 and O2 centralized analyzer capable of detecting hundredths. It is especially suitable for applications that require high accuracy, therefore it can be used for measuring both ULO (Ultra Low Oxygen) and DCA (Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere) storage cells. Also, thanks to its extreme accuracy, MULTIPLEX is also suitable for detection of respiratory quotient (RQ). The instrument has been developed with particular attention to its operational safety, therefore the mechanical components that extract atmosphere from the cell are redundant, it includes a system that warns if the analysis pipe has become plugged and it can perform automatic calibration. The analyzer uses an electrochemical or paramagnetic cell for oxygen analysis, while for CO2 it uses an infrared cell; its sensors are all durable and offer proven reliability. The MULTIPLEX can sequentially control up to 48 cells and can be networked to a computerized management information system to maintain optimal storage parameter levels, using dedicated proprietary software.