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Isosoft is the industry’s most advanced automatic management software for Controlled Atmosphere systems, easy and intuitive, capable of manage all storage parameters, even remotely. Isosoft is internationally recognized as the benchmark software for Controlled Atmosphere applications and is the result of the effort of the sophisticated team work of excellence of Isolcell’s agricultural, commercial, technical and R&D departments: it incorporates the experience of over 50 years of Isolcell as an industry leader.


A service our clients bave valued for many years, is now even more effective thanks to the new computer softwares.

Isosoft was designed to:

1. Manage controlled atmosphere systems management according to modern preservation techniques

2. Manage refrigeration systems

3. Manage intelligent CO2 scrubbers

4. Manage nitrogen generators

5. Manage pull down plants with automatic turbo performance system

6. Manage ethylene catalyzers

7. Perform equipment diagnostics

8. Manage analyzer calibration

9. Display ethylene measurements

10. Manage smart oxygen restore plants

11. Manage the safety of suffocating environments

12. Manage automatic cell tightness test systems

13. Display fluorescence sensors for dynamic storage with ISOSTORE systems (worldwide exclusive)

14. Manage dynamic storage with RQ Storefresh systems

15. Manage PAL-STORE storage facilities

16. Display respiratory intensity measurements

17. Manage humidification systems

18. Display electronic measurement of condensation

19. Certified fire fighting system for storage bins

20. Remote display with optional remote assistance