60 years of experience Isolcell: from pioneers to international leading actors

Since 1958, we study and create plants that use the technology of the Generated and Controlled Atmosphere. We were the first in Europe to develop and apply these technologies as a method of preservation of food, then extending the use of controlled atmospheres like technology that creates an advantage for quality and technology in the process in different production sectors: from pharmaceuticals to chemicals, from plastic moulding to electro-magnetic, oenology to laser cutting, from fire prevention to protection and conservation of the artistic heritage.

We are acknowledged as world leaders, and we are part of an industrial group owned by Finanziaria Unterland. S.p.A. Isolcell Company, present worldwide with a network of distributors and resellers.

We operate according to the highest quality standards: we are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and the range of our products complies with the strictest European and International Directives. Our strength is the ability to offer highly customized, reliable solutions and that reflects, while sometimes anticipates, the state of the art available technology.

 Storage Division